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We Believe in continuing to maintain a progressive, innovative association in which professionalism, honesty, and integrity are encouraged. We stand by our products and are committed to the highest levels of excellence.

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Antas Caulking

Antas-192 is one-component, neutral cure gp sealant. It has better bond strength on glass, aluminum, concrete, ceramic, wood, etc. It is mainly used for general construction sealing joints and gaps in walls, floors, balconies, and around window and door perimeters. Reference displacement capacity is ± 25%


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boasts state-of-the-art facilities that exemplify the pinnacle of glass manufacturing and innovation. Our facilities are a testament to precision and excellence. The heart of our operation features cutting-edge glass melting furnaces, capable of producing a wide array of glass types, from crystal-clear to tinted and textured varieties. Our production lines are equipped with advanced machinery, ensuring the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency in shaping and cutting glass sheets. Quality control laboratories meticulously examine every batch, guaranteeing that our glass products meet the most stringent industry standards.

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